8 Reasons Why The Winery is the Perfect Venue for your Reunion Event

Well, wine a little bit!

Winery is just the perfect place for any kind of event – wedding, birthday, intimate dinner for two, team building! With a winery you can not go wrong. “IN VINO VERITAS” – “In wine there is truth” – is an old folk saying signifying a state of truth everybody is in after a couple glasses of good wine. Croatia is the 8th country in the world with the most indigenous grape sorts. There are around 130 grape sorts that originate from Croatia, but only around 30 indigenous sorts are cultivated today and most of them are from the region of Dalmatia. Due to the soil quality and abundance of sun, Dalmatian wines are among the best. We are taking you on a journey through Dalmatian “divine” grape sorts.

So, here they are – 7 reasons to choose winery for your celebration:

  1. Winery is perfect for those who come to enjoy a casually elegant winery feeling
  2. It is unique and romantic
  3. It can host large harvest table group dining experiences
  4. It is ideal for private dinners, business receptions or social celebrations
  5. It is perfect combo of  history and comfort
  6. It has contemporary and original ambience
  7. It has rustic elegance and breathtaking view
  8. It offers selection of high quality wines

In this beautiful Croatian region, people drink wine all day, every day. Not only on holidays, not only for special occasions. In Dalmatia, people often drink wine with a little water, so don’t find it awkward if you see that atypical non-European mixture. We call it ‘bevanda’ and some elders say, we mix it with water so we can drink it from the morning to the night.  Best to start your wine journey is to book Wine and food tasting.

There is a general method you should use every time you taste a glass of wine. It is not complicated but it can be sometimes heavy for your senses. Practice makes perfect – look, smell, taste and think. Sounds simple! So, after sipping (never over a half glass) start to look at the wine over a white background and under neutral lighting. You can define hue, intensity and viscosity. Can you see sediment in the wine and how intense is a color? The tears that form on the side of the glass, usually called ‘wine legs’ , can tell us if a wine has high or low alcohol or sugar. More viscous legs – more alcohol or sugar. Another step – smell. First – give the glass a good swirl, always towards yourself.

The goal is to isolate individual aromas of the wine. This will guide you to define what the wine is, how it was made and where it came from. The vanilla smell, for example, suggests the wine was likely aged in an oak barrel. Now, you can taste it! This is the moment to find out the sweetness, acidity, tannin, alcohol, body, finish, length and layers. Think – the last but not the least step. Developing a highly tuned wine palate takes time. You can ask yourself – what makes this wine different from others? Is it balanced in alcohol/acid/tannins? Or something dominates?

And at the end – does it have an endless number of flavors – or just one or two? Generally speaking – if you can feel the high complexity of flavors, the wine has higher quality. So, how do you taste wine? Devotedly!

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