Dalmatian Food That Will Blow Your Mind

We have a typical Mediterranean kitchen under the strong influence of Italian ways of cooking – we love to eat slowly, sitting for a couple of hours, laughing and talking to our friends and family. This impact is due to geographical position and historic influence on Dalmatia and its islands. 
Various types of fish, shells, crabs, octopus, squid, lamb meat, beef, olives, olive oil, vegetables, wild herbs, almonds, pomegranate, grapes, honey, raisins and citrus fruits – not so much changed during centuries. So, what are those dishes you shouldn’t miss before leaving?


Peka is something you are going to talk about for at least one next year. This Croatian national dish is the one you will be back! Melt in the mouth diced lamb cooked together with potatoes, vegetables, garlic, herbs, oil and white wine for 2 hours.

Pašticada with gnocchi!

Dalmatinska pašticada is a dish that traveled a long way from ancient Greece and Rome to the Republic of Venice and the tables of noblemen. Beef is marinated in vinegar and spices, after which it’s stewed in red wine or prošek with bacon, tomatoes, a few dried figs, and root vegetables as a carrot. Traditionally, we serve it on special occasions, like at weddings. And any other evening when we have you as our guest!


Fish again! This time you will need a big pan and some time, because it is a slow-cooked fish casserole, combining mixed fish, onion, tomato, wine, and herbs, served with polenta. Any island or small village has its own variation of brudet, but be sure all of them are traditional dalmatian meals.

Oysters and champagne!

Oysters and champagne are considered a perfect match. This aphrodisiac served with a glass of Croatian sparkling wine, is a real hedonism. Not so much for stuffing a belly, but a soul and hearth, emotions and senses!

Pršut and cheese!

Every traditional dalmatian meal starts with an oval platter! So, you should do the same. The best version is domestic cheese from Dalmatian Zagora, made of sheep, goat or cow milk, young or old. It goes together with a thinly sliced ‘pršut'(traditional smoked and dried ham).. A couple of olives and olive oil, and the rest just figures itself out!

Recommended for two