Celebrate Summer in Split

One of the best parts of summer is the moonlit, warm summer nights. 

One of the best parts of summer is definitely the possibility to organize everything outside – food, drinks, pool and animation.

So, there are more than a few reasons why you should throw your party while on summer vacation.

First of all, it is a number of invited persons. When you have a pool party or a beach party, you don’t really have to think about the capacity of the venue as you have the whole world for that. The more the merrier they said – and it is the truth.

Cold cocktails and summer hits

Also, when it’s summer and especially if you and your guests are on vacation, the relaxing and cool atmosphere is just guaranteed. Cold cocktails, summer hits and light snacks are just ideal for the best party ever.

Pool party equal luxury party

The luxurious way of having a summer party is the one that is organized by the pool of some private residence, where you can just relax and enjoy the summer vibes..and once a while jump into a cool, refreshing pool and have some fun activities while you are in.

For your guests it will be more than exciting to spend a day in a pool, especially if they don’t have an opportunity to enjoy the pool very often.

An outdoor bar is undoubtedly one of the highlights of any outdoor pool summer party. There are a variety of tasty summertime treats with which you can surprise your guests.

There is always a good thing about summer parties if you want to celebrate some special occasion such as a birthday, hen party or anniversary – regardless which location you choose, you know that photos will be irreplaceable and fantastic.

Wine and dine party in Dalmatian vineyard

A great party in a vineyard with a local winery just behind your back to provide you with fresh and tasty wines and magnificent sunset is also something to think about when you are celebrating outdoors.

In Split, Dalmatia county there are numerous possibilities for this kind of party, so don’t hesitate to explore it a little bit. Experienced organizers always recommend local food, if possible snacks from prosciutto, sea food, Mediterranean herbs and of course salads from the seasonal fruit.

Local high quality wines  and flavored rakija are just enough with few bottles of cold beer.

Best location for an outdoor party

The best locations in Dalmatia for outdoor summer parties are definitely amazing beaches Dalmatia has to offer and they are in the vicinity of large cities so you can always continue your party in some night club in the city center, especially if you are accommodated in Split or nearby. Also vineyards as we already said, top of the hills and rooftops of old, even ancient buildings.

Rooftop party for an extra effect

This rooftop party is really different as it provides another summer vibe – you’re in the city center but far away from the traffic, tourists, crowd – and the view is always the best.

For those who are passionate about sea adventures, maybe the boat party would be an ideal choice. Breeze in your hair, a glass of champagne in your hand and a great DJ! Dalmatia, or we can say Adriatic is really ideal for this kind of event as it is a warm and calm sea with numerous bays and hidden gems to enjoy. , Sailing toward the horizon, a few stops for swimming and snorkeling, sunset party on the boat  – what else is there to say!?

Now you could really think about throwing an outdoor summer party – or even better, book an agency for this for you and just enjoy the moment!

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